I am an International Artist / Architect with North American and Asian experience . My credentials include licensing in New York, Florida, and Hawaii. The firm "artificial - construct" was formed as a result of the futuristic term associated with cyberpunk novels by Bruce Sterling and William Gibson. William Gibson the Science Fiction Guru, coined the word cyberspace.

My interest is in the transformative properties of spatial integration in a 3D context. The present work shown is a structural investigation into the synthesis of art and architecture and the space that unfolds. The avant-garde pieces shown at present are indicative of the confluence of artistic and architectonic research into forces and color.

The work here is an attempt to fuse cantilevered properties, point and distributed loads with an artistic vocabulary that shows connections to vertical & horizontal scaling.  As post-conceptual work the ideas take precedence over the traditional aesthetic.  An effect of integrating 2D painting with 3D sculpture has been attempted and realized.