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Property Condition Assessment Reports, are written by the

ASTM 2018-15 standard.

Reports involve full building systems research, site, and Executive overview

on the state of the asset.

Mr. McDermott has written over 100 PCA reports covering the mid-west,

Utah, Arizona, and the West Coast - California, Oregon, and Washington.

Condominium conversions have and continue to be a popular segment of the housing market in Florida. Basically, a condo conversion is the process in which rental buildings are converted into condominiums. However, many prospective buyers are unaware of the unique peculiarities established by condo conversions.

Florida Statutes – Chapter 718 Condominiums – Part IV Conversions to Condominium (ss. 718.604-718.622), also known as the Roth Act, sets forth the legal requirements for the owner of a multi-family apartment building to subdivide and convert the building and its underlying property into a condo, with individual condominium units.

Since condominium conversions are previously- occupied structures, it is essential to understand the building’s condition prior to purchasing. The Roth Act requires a condominium conversion report to be prepared by an engineer or architect. The report contains detailed disclosures pertaining to the age of the specified components in a structure, the building’s existing condition, structural soundness, the remaining useful life of the specified building components, and the estimated cost of replacement of the specified components. The report is corroborated by attaching a copy of a certificate under the seal of engineer or architect certified to practice in Florida. In connection with Florida Statute, Section 718.616, each unit owner and the association are third-party beneficiaries of the report. Additionally, the developer must prepare a report revealing whether there is termite damage or infestation and whether it has been correctly treated. This statement must be authenticated by an inspection report by a licensed pest control operator.

SIRS - Structural Integrity Reserve Studies are produced after the writing of Florida Senate Bill 4-D.

MILESTONE REPORTS - Produced within the timeframe of the age of the condominium.


Artificial - Construct is available forensically for the preparation of Expert Testimony, Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation involving Architect's Standard of Care, the Construction Industry, Building Envelope Design, Analysis, and ADA Infractions. 

Mr. McDermott as an AMFS - American Medical Forensic Specialist has served a legal deposition for the plaintiff involving a trip / fall case, and a fire science origin case for a commercial client defendant.

Construction Management is a part of our platform. Change Orders, RFI's, site inspections, and submittals are processed through the company.

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